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Oily Skin Makeup Tips

oily-skin-makeupIndividuals with oily skin experience numerous issues with regards to cosmetics. Cosmetics on oily skin blurs and melts away effectively. It oxidizes too early and causes numerous different issues, for example, stopping up of pores, and so forth. Because you have oily skin does not mean you need to miss cosmetics. It’s a matter of knowing certain tips, traps and devices that work for sleek composition.

We connected with master cosmetics specialists and a dermatologist to discover master arrangements and guidance for good cosmetics application on oily skin. Here are 10 best tips on oily skin cosmetics that help in keeping the sparkle as well as help in controlling oil.

Great Makeup For Oily Skin

# Continuously Prime Your Skin First

If you have sleek skin, apply cosmetics groundwork after you’ve cleaned your face yet before you put on establishment, powder, or other cosmetics. Utilizing a cosmetics groundwork not just aides in better use of cosmetics by functioning as a base, additionally fills in as a protecting layer amongst cosmetics and your skin, hindering the cosmetics from obstructing the pores. It likewise guarantees that your cosmetics stays put and keeps going longer.

No less than one ought to take action regions, for example, T-Zone (brow, nose and jaw).

Tips For Selecting Best Face Primer For Oily Skin: Look out for a face preliminary, which is:

(i) without oil and hostile to sparkle;

(ii) not a silicon based as oily skin has a tendency to be exceptionally delicate and silicon based items cause unfavorably susceptible responses to such skin sort, such as prompting to skin inflammation and pimples;

(iii) has salicylic corrosive as it aides in controlling skin break out and pimples.

Prep Your Eyes

To cut back on eye makeup creasing, avoid priming your eye lids, which many women with dark circles or redness are tempted to do. In its place, use a primer specifically meant for eyelids. This will establish a perfect base for eye shadow and liner while soaking up oils during the day.

# Foundation

You need to take care while buying a foundation suitable for oily skin. Most foundations will fade or melt away easily and would need constant touch up.

Tips For Selecting Best Foundation For Oily Skin : The best foundation for oily skin is a powder based foundation as this keeps away shine and does not feel heavy on the skin. And for those who like a liquid foundation, we recommend a water based foundation or a mousse foundation that like the powder foundation works really well for oily skin. When buying a foundation, look for words like non comedogenic and mattifying.

Face Powder

Everyone with oily skin knows it’s key to keep powder with you at all times! It works to get rid of shine and sets the foundation to last longer. But don’t overdo it. Alternatively, you can just apply powder on areas that are shiny.

Tips For Selecting Best Powder For Oily Skin: Use a matte translucent formula as it can get rid of shine on any skin tone. Although both loose powder and pressed powder work fine on oily skin, one should always go for using loose powder as it does what a face powder is supposed to do without making your face oily. On the other hand, press powder are very handy to carry anywhere and do fast touch-ups.

Go For Matte Blushes

People who have oily skin are prone to shine all the time. So best for them is to use a matte blush instead of one with shimmer. Also since makeup tends to fade away very easily from oily skin, powder blush is likely to stay put longer on it than their cream counterparts. And if you like to use a cream blush then make sure to set it correctly.

Always Prefer Oil-free Makeups

As oily skin naturally releases more than required oil, use makeup products (particularly foundation and blush) that are oil-free and non-comedogenic, which means they will not clog skin pores. Also, go for facial cleansers and toners that contain glycolic acids, which help in getting rid of excess oil. You can also use those that are infused with salicylic acid, another good acid for oily skin.

Alternatively, you can consider using mineral makeups as they are made of inorganic minerals and are oil free, therefore ideal for oily skin.

# Go For Minimum Layers Of Makeup

Oily skin is not at all a good base to wear makeup, therefore if you apply multiple layers on your face, it is sure to melt of or cake up. A great trick to eliminate oiliness in the skin is to reduce the number of layers of product you wear on your face.

Natural Beauty Tip: You can easily minimize the layers by switching to a tinted moisturizer that contains SPF.

Makeup Remover

Always keep in mind that it’s easier to apply makeup on any skin type if it’s cleansed properly. So always ensure that you clean your skin with an oil free cleanser and toner before applying any makeup.

# Blotting Papers

Even if your makeup looks faultless and matte in the morning, but if your skin tends to be oily then you will spot shine by midday. The solution is to use blotting sheets.

Some types of blotting papers just lift the oil from your skin and others deposit a bit of powder to mop up the oil. The right technique of using blotting sheets without taking off all of your makeup is to press the sheet where the skin is oily and then roll it off your skin, instead of wiping oil from your skin.

# Go For Long Wear

Both water and oil can do same things to your makeup. They can cause it to smear, smudge, or slip. So we recommend using eye products that are waterproof, water-resistant, or long-wear.