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Tips to Apply Concealer

Not just you have to know how to pick a concealer however you ought to likewise know how to apply concealer effectively. Perused on for best tips about applying concealer.

What is a Concealer?

Concealer helps in hiding your imperfections, skin break out, under eye dark circles and uneven spots all over.

The most effective method to Choose a Concealer, There are different sorts of concealer accessible in the market. You should know how to pick a concealer. Take after tips to pick right concealer for you.

(i) For testing reason, the zone on your neck beneath your ear or on the jawline is suggested. The right shade is one that mixes with your skin tone totally and is not noticeable.

(ii) Go for a yellow or peach tone based concealers when picking under eyes concealer. For flaw concealer go for cool hints to counterbalance the redness of the imperfections.

(iii) The concealer shading ought to be a step lighter than your establishment or skin tone. An indicate be noted here is that your establishment ought to coordinate precisely with your skin tone.

(iv) Do not pick a concealer which is too light.

(v) For picking concealer for dull skin, a dim shade for summer months and a light shade for different months is prescribed.

(vi) For excessively dull or dark skin, pick an orange based concealer.

(vii) For picking skin inflammation concealer or concealer for imperfections search for a particular concealer, that is, tinted and cured one and get another for your dark circles.

Concealer or Foundation First: Follow following tips in deciding s­hould you apply concealer or foundation first:

(i) If you are covering pimple or blemishes, apply foundation first and then concealer, as if you apply concealer first it will be wiped off while applying foundation.

(ii) In case you are applying concealer to hide your dark circles under the eyes, apply concealer first and then apply foundation.

How to Apply Concealer: The first thing you need to know is that concealer looks natural when they are applied in layers gradually. The technique to be used for applying Concealer depends on which part of your face you are applying Concealer.

(i) To Hide your Pimples or Blemishes: Choose a firm brush with a pointed fine tip or concealer wand – Q Tip – to pick a small amount of acne concealer – concealer for blemishes – that completely matches with your skin tone. You need only to apply on the red or blemished areas and not on the raised areas. Wait for a while to dry the first layer and apply a second layer if needed. Apply a dab of translucent dusting powder to set in the concealer. You can use a fluffy brush to apply loose powder.

In case you have applied too much of the concealer, use a tissue to mildly clean away the concealer. If needed you can apply concealer again to cover the pimple.

(ii) To Cover Dark Circles under your Eyes: You need an “under eye concealer” which is specifically formulated to hide the dark spots.

(a) Choose a lightweight, flesh-tone concealer of a shade which is a notch or two lighter than your foundation or skin tone. These types of concealers are made to brighten up the dark areas and they are not meant to be used for hiding blemishes or redness.

(b) Apply three tiny dots of concealer spread over to the close area under your lower lashes and a dot to the inside corner of your eyes.

(c) Use pad of your middle finger to tap in the concealer till it blends and disappears. Always tap with finger pad instead of rubbing with finger. Let the first layer dry and apply a second layer, if required.

(d)  Apply a dab of translucent fine loose dust powder to set in the concealer. You can use a fluffy brush to apply loose powder.

Some More Concealer Tips about How to Apply Concealer:

(i)  A little amount of concealer is enough. More than this can highlight the target areas rather than hiding them.

(ii) You can also apply concealer on the uneven spots on your face.

(ii) Use fluffy brush to apply translucent loose powder.

(iii) We recommend pad of your middle finger to pat in concealer, as this is one of the  most soft areas.

(iv) You can apply foundation after concealer if the required.

(v) It is not necessary to apply concealer, if you can do without it.